Class News

In Reception we have been having fun learning about seeds, creating flowers and playing in our Garden centre. We have also been exploring
3D shapes.
What a busy week we've been having in Year 1! We've been measuring everything, including Miss Biss. We're using rulers and tape measures and drawing diagrams to show our findings. Our story writing has taken off; Year 1 are a class of budding authors and illustrators!
In Year 2 we have been studying recycling. We made posters reminding people about the 3 R's rule: Recycle, Re-use and Reduce. We also practised our sewing skills to make Mothers Day cards which I am sure you would love! We had a fun afternoon with Mrs Henville drawing and painting aeroplanes and helicopters.
In Year 3 we are looking at adventure stories and comparing them by thinking about how the authors have used different techniques to create tension and make us want to read on.
Year 4 have been very busy finding out about melting and freezing points. We looked at chocolate to see how temperature affected the speed at which it melted. For maths we have been investigating different ways to work out the area and perimeter.
Arguments and debates have been the order of the day in English in Year 5. We’ve also been studying fractions in maths, and materials in science. Sustainability has been the focus of our topic and we’re learning about the months and seasons in French. We’ve created fantastic illuminated letters with Mrs Dunne; our attention to detail is amazing!
This week, Year 6 children demonstrated some really cool moves as part of their dance work and they have completed their illuminated letters, which has bben led by Mrs Dunne. Watch the website for examples … of the artwork, not the dance!