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St Pauls CE Primary School

Covid-19 support

Support for Parents during School Closures


Advice for accessing essential services:

Contact the Cambridge City hub - or phone (01223) 457000


Therapeutic advice line for families you would like additional support during the closure:

Contact The Acorn Project - 

Text or phone (07388) 497089

Email -

The Acorn Project and St Paul's have a long working relationship with supporting children at St Paul's and we are extremely lucky to be able to jointly offer this support to our families. In the first instance, the helpline will be in place until February Half Term.


Parents guide to schools re opening

Parent and Carer Support Line

Resources for children and parents - Safeguarding Children Partnership Board

Resources to support families of children with additional needs

Children's mental health resources

Parent mental health resources

Cambridgeshire County Council website with additional resources to support children's well-being

Resources to support home learning - challenges and treasure trails!

Resource to support children with understanding Coronavirus

Advice for parents - COVID-19

Coronavirus resource for Children

Coronavirus Support Group - Trumpington Hub


The Trumpington Hub are launching a helpline number to provide advice to residents in the local area who may be struggling to get essential supplies (food, prescription medicines) during the Covid-19 restrictions. 


The helpline is aimed particularly at those who may have trouble using the internet, or are struggling to get online delivery. Everything they are able to provide is also available on the website. The helpline will serve as a link between people who need help with shopping or prescription delivery and local volunteer groups.


The Supply Lines helpline will be open from 12 Midday to 4pm Monday-Friday, and can be reached on 01223 66 22 91.

Coronavirus Therapeutic Support Helpline

We are fortunate that we have been given access to The Acorn's Project therapeutic support helpline with the aim to offer support to anyone in our community who may be finding the current situation challenging. St Paul's has worked with therapists from The Acorn Project for a number of years and it really is a fantastic resource to access if you feel it would be helpful. The information below is from Matt Edge, Acorn Project's CEO.


Whilst we are not medical staff, we do have wonderful colleagues in our organisation - trained social workers, counsellors and drama therapists, highly experienced in mental health issues - who are amazing at offering emotional support, a therapeutic perspective and a kind and sensitive ear. Whilst we are sitting at home not able to do as much of our regular work as we want to, we wanted to put what resources we have to good use to support the incredible efforts which are being made across sectors at the moment, but especially by frontline health, education and social care professionals. 

We have become increasingly aware that the current situation is placing families under considerable stress, so please do reach out to us for some non-judgmental support if you are a parent, a carer, or a child or young person struggling with the current situation.


You can email us at:


or text or call: 07388 497089


Someone will reply to you offer a slot for support either over the phone or (if requested) Skype or Zoom. You can also contact us on behalf of someone else if they don't have access to the Internet or to a phone line with credit as we know not everyone does.


Current circumstances are very challenging and have created a lot of distress and fear - we are here to offer some comfort and understanding and to try and reduce fear where we can as.


Please don't be afraid to reach out - we are here to listen, and we want to listen, to anyone who wants this support.


Stay both safe and well


Everyone at Cambridge Acorn Project

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