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English Policy


Language unites the curriculum. It is essential to all forms of communication. Children learn language through speaking and listening, reading and writing. Teachers ensure that children develop their language skills throughout the curriculum.


Speaking and Listening


Children learn to use language in a variety of situations, for various purposes and for a range of audiences. Confidence comes from regular opportunities to express and share opinions, and taking part in classroom discussions and presentations. Speaking and listening is a key skill developed through all school activities and across the curriculum.




We actively encourage children to engage in a love of reading from an early age. We value books and encourage children to read for pleasure. Our relationship with our newly appointed Patron of Reading supports this aim.


Teaching and learning in English focuses on enabling children to read with confidence and understanding. Children read both fiction and non-fiction books in order to interpret the author’s meaning, make reasoned judgements and statements about the books they read and use reference books effectively.




Children are taught to write for a range of purposes and audiences, adapting their writing style to the particular genre of writing. They learn the rules of punctuation and grammar so that they can express their ideas, opinions and views with clarity and confidence. They are encouraged to write creatively and imaginatively.


Regular teaching of spelling, handwriting and presentation skills supports their ability to write maturely and with flair.




Children have the opportunity on a weekly basis to visit our well-stocked non-fiction library. We continually update and improve our selection of books so that children have the chance to read new and imaginative material.


Book Corners


Each class has its own book corner. Initiatives take place on a regular basis to update the supply of reading material. Children are given regular opportunities to read for pleasure in class and to change their choice of book.