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We have been finding out about why the word God is important to Christians. We began by talking about our names and how each of us in the class is special and important. We put our names onto small boxes and then decorated them. We could then choose some small items we found precious and put them into our boxes; pebbles, leaves, beads. We talked about our families and decided that they were really special and important so we drew pictures and added them to our boxes. We talked about how some people think the name God is special and that they might put that into their box.


We also remembered Julia Evans coming to visit us from St Paul's Church.

We have been finding out about Diwali. We listened to the story and loved the ending when lamps were lit to guide Rama and Sita home. They looked so beautiful! We made our own lamps to take home, painting them with lovely iridescent colours which will shine when they are lit.

It's Christmas!

We have loved hearing the story of Christmas and have been using some small world figures during busy learning. In our role play area we have been able to use some of the costumes we will use in our Nativity play. As a maths activity we set ourselves the challenge of building a stable for the donkey!

We have been thinking about the ways we care for our wonderful world! The children were able to think of so many different plants and animals we need to take care of.

We listened to a Ukrainian story called The Mystery Of Easter. This helped us to understand why Christians might put a cross in an Easter garden. We could also respond to the story ourselves using lots of lovely creative resources. You can see some of the crosses and eggs we made here.