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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work (and some from the staff).

Year 1 - Henry's poem - 

I love plants!

The spiky red kind.

Poky, floppy, green.

Smell them in my hand.

I can see buzzy bees enjoying the plants.

Shiny shoots growing.

I do love plants

Year 3: Szymon's wonderful work in Science, French, Maths and Art

Rohan's seasons poem with illustrations

Luke Y6 Part of Mr Hublot story


Shuffling frantically into the house, Mr Hublot hurried as fast as he could in his apartment, trying many times to open the door. He ran downstairs at top speed, when a thought struck through his mind: the lights!

On, off, on, off… exasperated, he thought to himself: how could he be wasting time when the dog’s life was on his fingertips!? One final flick and he was off again, bouncing down the stairs two at a time. As he ran onto the street, the rubbish truck filled the air with its fumes then sped off. In utter disbelief, Mr Hublot tried to chase after it, then shrugged his shoulders and dejectedly gave up. The traffic continued around him as he stood there, upset. A faint whimper came from his right. He looked down in joy to see, the dog!

Before he knew it, he held up the dog and was patting it in triumph. ‘I’ll never let you down again,’ he told it. The dog brought joy in Mr Hublot’s life like a beaming ray from the sun. 

Mr Hublot was extremely proud of his invention – he called it the Feed-o-matic – which delivered an accurately-measured portion of dog food when the automated timer went off.

As the days rolled by, those portions got larger and larger, while Mr Hublot found it harder and harder to see the television and the dog’s barking at the passing tram cars got louder and louder. Eventually, he soon realised what was happening: the dog was growing bigger! The next day, the dog’s impatience for its food caused the noise in the house to start to deafen him. Mr Hublot began to twitch.  He couldn’t take it any longer. Pulling out his screwdriver, he neared towards the helpless, over-sized creature who cowered in fear.

Soon the apartment was silent again, and the huge dog became a colossal pile of sprockets and steel plates sealed in a cardboard box. Mr Hublot quickly settled back into his daily routine; carefully straightening the pictures so that each one was just right. Switching on the tv, he breathed a sigh of relief as the huge dog appeared and settled comfortably beside him.  He congratulated himself silently – this move to the old warehouse across the road was genius.  Both he and Fido were much happier with their new accommodation.

The following morning at exactly 7 o’clock, Mr Hublot sat at the breakfast table drinking tea, but with the big dog at his side.

Y1 Poetry

Suggestion from Y1 parent of some super science at home:

Do you spend any time outside? See birds? You could use these rspb identifiers:

Amelie's Song.mp4

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Melody and harmony by Amelie, piano accompaniment by Mrs K

Year 3 Jiung as a Roman soldier

A selection of Year 4's work

Harry Y6 The Dream Giver

Year 3

Year 3

Year 3

A selection of Year 1 work - Omer, Nikola, Aser, Arthur

Francesca Y6 Hindu Mandala

Elisabeth Y6 being picked up by a dinosaur! (computer aided)

Reuben Y6 story

Luke Y6 The Dream Giver

Click the link and have a play!

Maria Y6 cooking and embroidery

Francesca - Year 6

A little message from the staff...

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Reception- Betty made a poster of the birds she saw in her garden

Reception- Amelia wrote a wonderful story

Reception- Clara has been busy baking

Arthur's Seasons work

Y1 Rohan's writing

Y3 Reuben's mosaic

Y3 Arthur's Roman villa

Y1/Y4 Arthur and Sadie's home learning

Y1 - Ethan's home learning

Emma Y6 recount

Freya Y6 Map of my street

Francesca Y6 pencil drawing of tree creeper

Maria-Laura Y6 pencil drawing based on WW2

Maggie Y4 Roman inspired mosaic

Betty - Reception

Lara - Reception

Omer Y1

Mrs Volland

Mrs Darrell and her daughter - guess who made each rainbow?

Mrs Ray's children

Mrs Jephson

Mrs Kimberley

Miss Wolfe

Miss Bruce

Mrs Towler-Brown

Dr Lombardi

Miss Coves

Mrs Mezits

Mrs Day

Miss Abrey

Mr Smart