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Being generous is a conscious decision from the heart to do something with what you have. Christians believe that God calls his people to be generous with what he has given to them. It is a sign of trust in God, that there will be enough for everyone, so share it. Being generous isn’t always about money, we can be generous in so many other practical ways.

I wonder what you think generosity means? If you are with someone, have a chat with them about what they think it means. Do you both agree?


The dictionary defines generosity as, “the quality of being kind and generous.” Do you agree with this?

Can you think of a time when someone was really generous to you?


Or when you have been generous towards someone else? What happened? How did it make you feel?


How many different ways can you think of to be generous that don’t involve spending or giving money?

Be Inspired! Here is an example of generosity in action: Project Malachi – This is an exciting housing project for homeless people, that was inspired by 5 year old Malachi, who gave his £5 tooth fairy money to the Salvation Army to build houses for homeless people. 3 years later 42 units have been built to give those who don’t have a home a place to live.


You can find out more about how he did this on the link below.

If you would like to you can say this prayer...


Father God we thank you for your generosity. Thank you for all those people in our country who have given generously during the Covid pandemic. Help us give our time, words, energy, love and possessions with a cheerful and generous heart.