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We live in a world where some people say: “look at me, look at me”, chasing after fame and wanting to be noticed. Yet the real heroes (as we have seen over the last few months) are the everyday people who care and think of others. Many Christians across the world believe that Jesus is a ‘Servant King’ – one who both showcased and valued humility, calling others to follow his example, too. Being humble means having a realistic picture of ourselves – to be mindful of the times we do amazing things (wow!), the times we fail (ow!) - and seeks to build others up, rather than looking for fame or recognition.
‘The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.’ (Pope Francis) 

‘Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.’ Jesse Jackson


Have you had moments in your life where you have boasted, bragged or put others down to make yourself look good? Have you had times when you’ve been humble, looking at the wonder of others rather than the wonder of ourselves?


Create a tower of shoes using those you are allowed to in your home.

As you do so, think… …about how you could build others up this week …how others in your life help to build you up and support you …how we are not perfect – everyone makes mistakes and can accidentally knock people down. If we say sorry we can help build relationships.

If you would like you can pray this prayer,

Loving God, you know we are not perfect. Help us to see greatness in everyone, seeing your life within each person we meet. Amen.