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Class News

Here’s what Reception have to say about what they’ve been up to:
'We've been reading about plants.

'We've been planting.'

'We've been making cress sandwiches.'

‘We had to plant the seeds first!'
‘Escape from the Ice’ was the Science Week investigation for Year 1. The children had to find out the best and quickest way to free counters 'trapped' in ice. The children had to record all the steps of the investigation ready for the Big De-frost which happened on Friday.
Do you know what an astro-nappy is? Well, Year 2 have been designing a nappy for astronauts to wear while they are on a mission in outer space. They agreed that the best property for a nappy was absorbency, so they tested different materials to investigate the amount of water they could retain.
Year 3 had just 3 minutes to make bridges out of Lego! They had to be 10 or more centimetres high and able to stand for at least 10 seconds. Needless to say, not all of our bridges were successful but we had a great time.
During Science Week, Year 4 became polar explorers. We had to plan the food that we would take with us on an expedition, whilst keeping to a budget and ensuring all team members had an adequate calorie intake for the trip. We will be presenting our work to Year 3.
As part of Science week, Year 5 have investigated which foods should be taken on an overnight field trip in the Antarctic. In Geography, they have written arguments on 'Why are the oceans so important?'
Year 6 pupils have been continuing to prepare for the SATs tests in May, but also enjoying putting together dance moves from Just Dance. The two main areas in maths and English have been ratios and journalistic writing.