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Patience is one of those qualities that we all need to develop especially when times are tough. Patience to wait for the right time, patience with each other and the patience to wait when things seem to be taking so long to sort themselves out. The Bible is filled with stories of people like Mary, David, Moses and Noah who had to wait for the right time, for God’s time. 

When Noah saw the rainbow in the sky at the end of the story, he must have felt as if his patience had been rewarded. The rainbow was a sign of God’s promise to his people. Draw or paint a rainbow or make a rainbow out of things you have around you. 


Try to finish a jigsaw, it can take patience but the result is worth waiting for!

Patience is required in a variety of situations.


Patience with ourselves - not giving up, coping with temper, recognising our strengths and weaknesses, not being too hard on ourselves because we all make mistakes.


Patience with others - recognising everyone is different, learning to make allowances for others, giving time to people, walking at another's pace and not rushing them.


Patience with circumstances -  doing something worthwhile can take time, taking the long view, 'instant everything' isn't the answer to every problem.


Patience with nature and the world - learning to wait for things to grow (harvest); working for change is one step at a time (for example, climate change); the more complex the problem is, the more time and attention it needs before a solution can be found.

At the moment there might be things or people you are needing to be patient with. Stop and think about something that you are having to be patient with in your life at the moment. It can be really hard to be patient but the more you practise it, the easier it becomes!

If you would like you can pray this prayer,


Father God, I find it difficult to be patient. I don’t understand why sometimes things take so long to get sorted out. I just want life to get back to normal, and that still hasn’t happened. Help me to be patient and trust you. Sometimes I get so frustrated by the people around me. Help me to be patient and love them.