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Resilience is the strength of character to keep going even when we encounter challenge. It can be grown or developed, like a muscle. Christians learn from the Bible how to keep going when seeking justice or serving others, knowing that they don’t have to do it alone. Growing in resilience is something we strive to do at St Paul's, it is one of our St Paul's Learners statements and we love to see it in each other at school.




Piper follows a little bird whose mother encourages it to learn to feed itself on a beach. The bird gets swept away by the tide but perseveres. This is an inspiring story shows that you need to be resilient through the harsh waters - that you can come out with something you didn't expect to get! 


Piper Disney Pixar Oscar winning Short Movie

Who in your family, community, school or the world around us needs help to do hard things right now? Perhaps it’s you… perhaps it’s someone you care about… perhaps it’s a group of people.

Take a moment to think of them now. You might like to say a prayer with your family if that is something you usually do.


Here is a prayer you could use:


Father God I know you hear me when I speak to you 

Comfort me when things feel hard 

Give me strength when I can’t keep going

Help me to know I am loved and valued



Remember, resilience is something we practise. The more you have a go, the better you get. It's also something we can help each other with by encouraging each other. The next time you see someone finding something tricky try to encourage them to keep going.