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Teaching & Learning

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Teaching and Learning Policy


At St Paul’s Primary School we aim to:


  • develop each child’s full potential in all areas, whether academic, artistic, physical, social or spiritual;
  • celebrate children’s particular talents and actively encourage achievement;
  • build a caring and supportive community in which all, adults and children, participate with a common sense of purpose and shared responsibility.


Our vision for Teaching and Learning at St Paul’s Primary School is one in which our children are motivated and challenged by a holistic and creative curriculum. St Paul’s celebrates the individual talents and styles of our teaching and support staff and in doing so, provides our children with a rich and diverse learning experience.


At St Paul’s, we want our teaching to be:


  • inspiring, passionate and exciting;
  • grounded in knowledge;
  • based on a variety of styles;
  • well-planned;
  • age-appropriate;
  • challenging for the children and aiming for excellence.


When they are learning, we want our children to:


  • develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through investigating, acquiring and practising;
  • learn through a variety of styles;
  • have their personal and individual needs catered for;
  • be given a variety of opportunities;
  • develop their talents;
  • maximise their potential.


We also want our children to develop attitudes of:


  • self-motivation;
  • independence;
  • confidence;
  • enjoyment and a life-long love of learning.•respect;


We recognise the importance of assessment for learning:


  • to help children be confident about what they have learned;
  • to set targets for children’s future learning;
  • to show children how to reach those targets;
  • to include self-assessment and peer assessment.


We recognise that the learning environment needs to be:


  • stimulating and attractive;
  • developed inside and outside the classroom;
  • safe and well-organised;
  • owned by the children themselves.