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Transition - From Miss Abrey!

Reception to Year 1 Transition Booklet

Parent instructions: 

We have found in previous years children in Reception do their transition morning or afternoon and think they are now in Y1 so are then confused doing Reception work for the following few days. You might want to explain to your child that they still have a few days left as Reception next week then the holidays then they will be Y1 with me! 


1. With your child watch the Curious Caterpillar Video

2. Watch the video of Miss Abrey

3. Watch the Spread your wings video

4. Do the Spread your wings activity (under the All about me video)

5. Watch the All about me video

6. Do the All about me activity

7. Watch the story 'Today I am'

8. Send Miss Abrey pictures of your work, or you could even do a little video!

Send to: 

If you cannot send pictures of what you have done just bring them with you in September! 

9. (to save confusion it might be best to watch this on Wednesday with your child after they have completed their school activities) Watch Miss Abrey's last message before the summer holidays!

1. Curious Caterpillar

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2. Miss Abrey's video

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3. Spread your Wings

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5. All About me

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7. Story - Today I am

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8. email me at: any questions or worries you or your child has, any of today's work, a photo of your child (in school we will be taking pictures to help with display stuff next year so a picture of your child if they are at home - just their head and shoulders would be great!), a little video. I'd love to see them all!

9. Last message

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