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W.B. 16.11.20



Have a look at the video and then try and do the challenges below

Monday- Multiplication into equal groups

Tuesday- Multiplication using the symbol

Wednesday- Using arrays

Thursday- 2 times table

Friday- 5 times table



We are finishing off our narrative story about the Happy Prince.

Please use the resources below to recap the grammar we have already learned.

On Friday we are starting our independent write, so if you could start planning your story that would be great! This is our success criteria: 

  1. Prepositions
  2. Alliteration
  3. Adjective- power of three
  4. Dialogue
  5. Contracted form
  6. Apostrophe
  7. Personification
  8. Time adverbial

Make sure you include all of our success criteria in your plan!



Have a go at the Stig of the Dump and Charlotte's Web extract.

Make sure you are filling out your reading record with your own reading too!



We are finishing off our work on the similarities and differences in different climates. Have a go at the worksheets- see if you can read the graphs accurately!



In PE we are continuing practicing our star shapes in dance. Can you create a star shape whilst jumping? We are creating our own shooting star sequence. Can you make your own shooting star sequence with your body, video it and send it to us?


In ball handling, we are practicing bouncing and catching the ball. How many times can you bounce and catch the ball in one minute? See if you can beat your own high score!