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Week 3 Hope in our communities

Lots of people are helping others right now. I wonder if anyone has helped you? Or perhaps you have been able to do something for someone else.


Read the Bible story below to find out how Peter was able to help someone...

Find out about Captain Sir Tom Moore and what he did to help others.
You could find out about some of our local charities that work to help others and bring hope.

I wonder if there is anything we could do to help others? Perhaps you could help someone in your family? I wonder what we could do at St Paul's to bring joy and hope to other people- or practical help.


If you have any ideas, let us know and maybe we could do something for our community as a whole school.


We could make cards or pictures for the residential care home next to our school. We are doing this in school. If you make a cards or picture please do send it in to me or your class teacher so we can include it.


Here is a prayer you can say if you would like to...

As children of this world, let us shine,

As children of this school, let us learn,

As children of this family, let us love,

As children of God, let us bring hope.