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Week 4 Hope across the world

The coronavirus pandemic has affected children in different countries all around the world. You may know people who live in different countries, think about how life has changed for them.


My sister lives in Mexico and her children have not been going in to school since April 2020 and will not go back until September this year. One of her children is at high school and has some remote learning to do but two more of her children are at primary school and there is no remote learning planned by teachers at all.


My brother lives in Nova Scotia in Canada. They have hardly any cases in their province so only have to wear masks in the supermarket. They have three children who have been at school, full time, all year. The children can meet up with friends, go to each others houses and go to all their normal clubs/sports.



What do you think is really important for children all over the world right now? Is it being in school? Catching up on learning? Doing lots of activities outside and playing sport? Being with friends and having fun? Seeing family?


See if you can find out about how life has changed for children in another country.


Here is a prayer you can say if you would like,


Lord, I climbed up a huge mountain,

And from the top I could look down and see the birds, look down on the tress

And look down on villages far away. I had never been up so high before

Thank you for letting me see your world in a new and lovely way.