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Week 5 Hope invites us to plan for the future

What are you looking forward to? Are there things you are hopeful for? What do we think the summer might be like? How might life be in the UK and in other countries? How might life at St Paul's school change?


The Bible says,

'Everything is possible for the person who has faith.' (Mark Ch.9 v.23)


This could mean that we can all make a difference and be a part of a hopeful future. What can we do to make a difference in our homes, at school and in the wider world? Does it matter if these things are small? 


Last Friday it was Red Nose Day, we wore clashing colours and brought in some money to donate. We also collected jokes to put into a book to sell and raise even more money- and hopefully make people laugh! Who will benefit from the money we raise? Do you think it will make a difference to people's lives? Will this money help to give someone a more hopeful future?


What do you hope for the future at St Paul's? What do you think we could do as a school to make things even better for all the children in our school community? How can you be a part of making things even better at school?


You could draw or write a plan for what you would do to improve our school and make it even better.


Or you could think further afield to our local community or to the wider world. What are you passionate about improving? Can you do something- no matter how small- to help make those positive changes?


Please send your ideas into school so we can share them and hopefully try to bring them about!


You can say this prayer if you would like,

This day is full of promises

Of everything that's good,

Help me face the challenges

And do the things I should.