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Week beginning 29.06.20

We hope you are all staying well at home and have enjoyed the weekend.  Here are the learning activities for this week. 

Please do email with any questions to



For maths this week, we are continuing with White Rose.  You can find the videos by following the link here, or I have also included a document with them all in the documents section below.



We are continuing our report writing this week.  This time we will be writing about the Brownlee brothers and an amazing finish to a triathlon.  Open up the English to find out more.  Being able to play the sound isn't essential to the work, so please don't worry if it's not working on your device.  


Reading lesson:

This week, our reading lesson is about biographies.



In History and Geography we are starting a three week project to design our own town.  Today we're designing the physical (natural) geography features.  Would you like your to be by the coast?  In the mountains?  Or perhaps both?



We are carrying on with the ten pieces from the BBC.  Week 10 this week!



In science we are learning about getting older.  You have some information to read about getting old, and then some questions to answer.


I hope you have a great week and look forward to hearing from some of you. smiley



Topic (History/Geography, Music, RE)