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Where in the World?

If you could visit another country where would you like to go? Maybe you have been to another country or even lived somewhere else in the world?


Sometimes we have people in our own families who live in other places. My brother and sister both live abroad in different countries so I don't get to see them very much but I often think about them and like to keep in touch with them. It's amazing to hear about the differences in their lives in different parts of the world and funny how some things are just the same.


As you think about what life might be like in different parts of the world have a look at the activity below and try it if you would like to.

There are parts of the world where everyday life can be really tough. Things like going to school, getting enough food or clean water can be really challenging. Over the past weeks we haven't been able to go to school or see our friends and maybe this can help us begin to understand how hard it can be to grow up in some parts of the world.
Many Christians believe that we can turn to God in our own difficult times and on behalf of other people, even if they are far away. Or even if we don't know them! Christians believe that God listens when we pray, that he is faithful and cares about the things we are worried about- no matter how big or small they seem. If you would like you can pray this prayer.
God of love,
turn our hearts to your ways;
and give us peace.