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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class teacher: Mr Matt Smart

TA: Miss Mila Carreras Coves

PPA: Mrs Mary Kimberley

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Welcome to Year 2!

Class Teacher: Mr Matt Smart


PPA Cover: Ms Alessandra Lombardi (Thursday mornings)

RE: Miss Sarah Abrey (Monday afternoons)

Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome to the Summer Term! This year is flying away, and so are we with our topic ‘What’s Your Superpower?’ I hope
you had a relaxing Easter break and the children are excited for the final term of the year. Our focus for this topic is a
history one where we will be learning about significant individuals from British and world history as well as developing our
understanding of the British monarchy, who will succeed the queen and how succession works. Many aspects of the
curriculum teaching is done within our topic wherever possible. However, some curriculum areas are not linked to the
topic. Please see the topic map attached, outlining what your children will be learning this term.
This term Dr Lombardi will continue to teach Science and Maths on Thursday, while Miss Abrey will continue to teach R.E.
every Monday.
Please remind yourself of the important information below, particularly about lunches, and ensuring clothing is named.
It saves lots of time in school if you are able to do your child’s lunch choices before school. You are able to do a term’s
decisions at a time so can log in now and do all the choices until the end of the year! I am not able to do this and have to
do them daily which takes time in the mornings.
P.E. Kits and Uniform
All children must have their own P.E. kit (shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms, white/blue T-shirt and trainers) kept in school.
Children need their PE kits in order to take part in the lessons. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings and other
jewelry removed for health and safety reasons.
Please ensure that your child’s name is on every item of clothing.
Reading is vital. The best way to encourage reading is to read aloud to your child every day. Not only is reading the door
to knowledge but it is also the best way to improve spelling and I will be encouraging the children to read at every
opportunity. We will have guided reading sessions and reading activities every day but there is nothing better than
reading to a parent or carer. Please invest this time with your child…it will make all the difference! They will change their
reading books regularly, daily should you read that much. Please write the title of the book into the Reading Record book
and sign that you have listened to your child read and send it in their bag every day. I will monitor this and give weekly
feedback every Thursday in their Reading Record books.
Parent Helpers
We would love to welcome parent helpers (or grandparent/other family helpers) into our class and on trips. If you are
interested in helping out either in school, particularly with reading, or on trips, please let me know.
Water Bottles
St. Paul’s CE (VA) Primary School
Coronation Street, Cambridge, CB2 1HJ
Contact: Tel: 01223 568840
Headteacher: Mrs Helen Darrell
Please ensure that your child brings in a labelled water bottle filled with fresh water every day. I will aim to send these
home every day.
Children have a Pick ‘n’ Mix page stuck in their homework books with a range of options of homework activities. Children
will be expected to hand one homework in every two weeks (7th May and 20th May). They should pick a task from a
variety of boxes. The way the children choose to present their homework is open-ended.
The purpose of this style of homework is to allow children to take initiative when choosing their home learning, to cater
for children’s individual interests and styles of learning, and to inspire a love of learning. It should also give parents some
insight into what children have been/are learning about in the classroom. The choices that the children are given will be
related to what they are learning in class and, therefore, should enrich what is going on in school.
A spellings menu will also come home, this will give lots of fun different ways for you and your child to practise each week.
You can choose a different activity every day or use one for a week and try a different one the following week. The
spellings will be emailed on a Friday to learn every week and will be tested on a Wednesday.
Parent and Staff Communication
Please hand any notes to me in the mornings. I must be informed if your child is going home with someone else on a
particular day, unless it is a regular arrangement that I am already aware of. I will not allow any child to leave with any
other adult unless I have your permission. Please do speak to me if you have any concerns or queries or contact the office
who will forward your message to me. Their email address is .
Best Wishes,
Matt Smart

Nativity Play


Please help your children learn our nativity songs by using these video links to practise the words:


Please note there is not a song 2. There are 6 (numbered 1-7) in total.


Year 2 Age Related Learning Expectations: Core Subjects.