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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class teachers: Miss Stefanie Florczyk (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Mrs Sarah Day (Wednesday and Thursday)

TAs: Miss Alicia Bruce (AM) and Mrs Sharon Brown (PM)

Archive 2018-2019 below

Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher: Mrs Mary Kimberley and Miss Maryann Mazuran

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. We are thrilled to welcome Miss Mazuran to the Year 5 team.
She will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday every week, and is eager to get started!
Our topic in Summer Term is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and the children will be learning about how we use our resources,
and how the way we look after our planet could be improved. We will be looking at a variety of information sources, and
will hopefully learn enough to begin changing the way we look at and use our planet. This topic will be reflected in our
art and computing projects this term. In science we are studying ‘Properties and changes of materials’, discovering the
properties of materials; investigating thermal conductors and insulators, electrical conductors and materials that
dissolve. We will be working out through experiments which changes are reversible and which are not.
The children should be reading every day, and should aim to make 4 short entries in their reading records per week. The
reading records should be brought in on a Wednesday and Friday each week for Mrs Kimberley to check.
Homework will follow the Pick n Mix routine of the previous terms, and time will be given for sharing homework after
each hand-in date. Spellings will now be given out and taught on a Monday, to be tested the following Monday. Times
tables tests will take place each week, with some challenging activities set for those who have already mastered their
multiplications. Mathletics homework will also resume soon.
The class will have a dance/gymnastics lesson with Miss Mazuran and an athletics lesson with Mrs Kimberley every
week, so please ensure your child has the correct kit in school. Children should change their clothes and shoes for PE for
hygiene and safety reasons, particularly in the warmer months. Please also ensure that long hair can be tied back.
The children are very much looking forward to visiting Kingswood at the end of the summer term. It will be enormous
fun, and provide a wonderful opportunity to try something new. We will keep you informed as to which members of
staff will be accompanying the class, but rest assured the children will have an incredible time!
Thank you to all parents and carers who are supporting the children with their learning this year. If you ever wish to
discuss anything with me please do come to talk with me briefly at the end of the school day or send in a note so that I
can arrange with you for a suitable time for a longer meeting. I will be in Year 5 on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
and as the Year 5 lead I am happy to deal with any and all concerns you may have.
Have an excellent summer term!
Kind regards,
Mary Kimberley



Prior Year (2017-18) Information

Curriculum Letters Summer 2018

End of Spring Term news


For the past few weeks, Year 5 have been busy studying:

- persuasive writing and poetry in English

- fractions in Maths

- materials in Science

- the damage we cause to our world in Topic

They have written very persuasive texts on 'Why are the oceans important?'. They have investigated many materials properties including absorbency for an Astro-nappy as part of Science week.

Recently, the children haven't been 'set' a weekly homework, instead I have uploaded:

- recommended books list ->I would like the children to read at least one title from the Year4 or Year5 list every month and record it in their reading records with a book review. Most titles are available in school or at the Central library.

- spelling lists -> children should work on the appropriate list at home. Hard copies of the lists are available, just let me know if you would like one.

- maths -> use booklet to carry out some activities at home, use the link to roll the times tables, use wild maths to explore Maths at home; keep checking times tables for instant recall.

Many thanks for your continuous support,

Mrs Miquel

Year 5 Age Related Learning Expectations: Core Subjects.

Recommended books (age appropriate)

List of words most children should be able to spell correctly by the end of Y4

List of words we are currently working on in Y5 (and most children will be expected to spell correctly by the end of Y6)