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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class teachers: Miss Stefanie Florczyk (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Mrs Sarah Day (Wednesday and Thursday)

TAs: Miss Alicia Bruce (AM) and Mrs Sharon Brown (PM)

Week 2 Home Learning 


Good morning Year 5, I hope you and your family are keeping well during this very different time. It has felt strange not being at school this week. I'm missing the class and the fantastic learning all of you have been demonstrating this term. 


I hope you all got on ok with the tasks set last week. Please remember, just do what you can of the work; if something is too difficult or you do not understand then leave it. 


Please see below for the tasks set for week 2.


Take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon,


Miss Florczyk

Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning Week 1


Bonjour la Classe! Here are some activities you can try in the style of your pick 'n mix homework. Soon I will also add some games and websites which will help you practise your French. Bonne chance! Lombardi

 This is your home learning grid, one page with a number of activities for all stages of language learning. For each language learning stage, we have selected five topics from the Scheme of Work, and within each topic we have put three buttons: 

   A is for Activity – this is the QR code sheet on which the children will have six QR codes they can scan and play games using a phone or tablet

  K is for Knowledge Organiser – now that the audio has been added, the children can now practise the key vocabulary and phonics for their topic and share it with their family at home

 V is for Video – this is a native speaker video that the children can watch, and join in with any activities

Archive 2018-2019 below



Prior Year (2017-18) Information

Curriculum Letters Summer 2018

End of Spring Term news


For the past few weeks, Year 5 have been busy studying:

- persuasive writing and poetry in English

- fractions in Maths

- materials in Science

- the damage we cause to our world in Topic

They have written very persuasive texts on 'Why are the oceans important?'. They have investigated many materials properties including absorbency for an Astro-nappy as part of Science week.

Recently, the children haven't been 'set' a weekly homework, instead I have uploaded:

- recommended books list ->I would like the children to read at least one title from the Year4 or Year5 list every month and record it in their reading records with a book review. Most titles are available in school or at the Central library.

- spelling lists -> children should work on the appropriate list at home. Hard copies of the lists are available, just let me know if you would like one.

- maths -> use booklet to carry out some activities at home, use the link to roll the times tables, use wild maths to explore Maths at home; keep checking times tables for instant recall.

Many thanks for your continuous support,

Mrs Miquel

Year 5 Age Related Learning Expectations: Core Subjects.

Recommended books (age appropriate)

List of words most children should be able to spell correctly by the end of Y4

List of words we are currently working on in Y5 (and most children will be expected to spell correctly by the end of Y6)