Who's Who

Mrs Jo Chrich (Headteacher)


Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Jo Chrich (Head teacher, SMSC and Assessment)

Mr Nigel Harris (Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher & English Leader)

Mr Matt Smart (Inclusion Leader/SENCo, Year 2 Teacher & PE Leader)


Class Teachers:


EYFS: Mrs Mhari Gallagher with Mrs Jane Christmas

Year 1: Miss Charlotte Biss (RE Leader) with Dr Alessandra Lombardi

Year 2: Mr Matt Smart with Dr Alessandra Lombardi

Year 3: Ms Tracy Wolfe and Mrs Sarah Day

Year 4: Mrs Catherine Brown with  Mrs Charlotte Mezits

Year 5: Dr Joanne Miquel

Year 6: Mr Nigel Harris and Mrs Sarah Day



School Secretary: Miss Sarah Williams

Finance Manager: Mrs Corina Bernal

Admin Assistant: Mrs Siobhan Mottaz


Teaching Assistants & Lunchtime Supervisors:


Ms Catherine Baile

Ms Maria Brown

Ms Sharon Brown

Miss Shirlene Flowers

Mrs Joanna Harris

Mr Benedict Henville

Mrs Fiona Henville

Mrs Anastasia Planitsiadou

Mrs Kate Denmead

Mr Ben Sawyer



Site Manager: Mr Colin Jackson

Out of Hours Caretaker: Mr Benedict Henville


Lunchtime Supervisors:


Mrs Inci Longmore

Mrs Zenab Ali



After School Club:


Manager: Miss Shirlene Flowers

Deputy Manager: Mr Benedict Henville



Mr Ben Sawyer

Mrs Karin Silk

Miss Sonjia Pang

Ms Maria Brown

Ms Zuzanna Przewloka

Ms Sharon Brown