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Reflection Space

Welcome to the St Paul's Reflection Space. This is a place for everyone in our school community to pause, take time to think and maybe wonder for a little while.


At school we enjoy daily Collective Worship. It is a time when we come together to think carefully about big questions, to learn about inspiring people and listen their stories, and find out about how God loves us and that we are all valued and precious to him.


Each week there will be a new Collective Worship activity on this page. Scroll down to explore. If there is something you would like to see here please email Mrs Volland.

I would love to hear your ideas and see your pictures or photographs.

Autumn 2021- Welcome back to school! This term our theme for collective worship is CURIOSITY!


Easter 2021


In Reception Class we enjoyed listening to the story of Pentecost and used some art resources to respond to the story.

YR, Y1, Y2 and Y3 all enjoyed a virtual storytelling session with Victoria Goodman from Church Schools of Cambridge. Victoria has visited our school many times before and we always look forward to listening to her as she does this so creatively and welcomes input from the children. This year we heard a Hungarian story about the mystery of Easter and the story of Holy Week.

We wish everyone in the St Paul's community a peaceful and joyful Easter!

In response to Bishop Stephen's Challenge we made cards of hope to take to the residential care home next to our school. The children thought very carefully about what pictures and messages might bring joy and hope.

We received a lovely card and lots of pictures from the care home this week. The residents had really enjoyed the cards, some people had even put cards up in their rooms. We hope we can continue getting to know them and build a strong relationship with our school community.

Year 1 have been finding out about different kinds of Christian prayer this week. They thought about prayers from Andy Ask, Peter Praise, Suzy Sorry and Thea Thanks. They have been writing their own prayers. Here is one that Ivy wrote and she has drawn a fantastic picture too, well done Ivy!
Someone else wrote,

Thea Thanks: 'Dear God, every day I feel blessed with my life, my health and the good care I get, thank you for the safe and warm place that I am into.'


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