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St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School

School Logo

St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School


School Vision and values


“Life in all its fullness”  John 10:10



St. Paul's is an aspirational school where learning, laughter and lives flourish. We aim to nurture "life in all its fullness." John 10:10.


St. Paul’s CE VA Primary School sits in the heart of Cambridge, welcoming a diverse range of families into its school community. We are a school for our local community and we are enthused and inspired by the wide range of experiences from which we can learn. Hence our vision encompasses that respect for, understanding and acceptance of all. “Life in all its fullness” is key to our vision for a harmonious and respectful society, where all are welcome.



Our three core values of wisdom, love and welcoming community, form the basis of work in our school community.