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Ofsted and Performance Data

Letter from the Local Authority - phonics


'This has been a year of unprecedented challenges and we would like to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work with all pupils, but in particular, KS1 pupils to help them develop the necessary skills to become early readers.


The analysis of phonics outcomes for the Year 2 cohort in December 2020 shows that phonics results at your school have improved by 18%. This is a significant achievement and we thank you for all your hard work and congratulate the children.


The data for Cambridgeshire currently shows an average of 79.6% with a national average of 78.3% currently, (these figures may change once all the data is finalised).


We are delighted to be above national with our results this year, which is due to schools like yours making noticeable improvements in their results.'

Ofsted monitoring visit - February 2021

Letter to the school from the Local Authority - November 2020


'I am writing to formally confirm the decision taken at the LAIG meeting held on Friday 23 October that the Leadership and Management of your school has secured the necessary improvements as identified by Ofsted and the Local Authority, thus negating the need for any further intervention by the Local Authority. There will therefore be no further Local Authority Implementation Group (LAIG) meetings held with your school.


Under the leadership of the Headteacher the school has continued to make rapid progress. Pupils are happy to come to school and are making good progress. The quality of education is good and all teaching staff have shown a great commitment to taking on board advice and they ensure that all LA support has maximum impact. Staff morale is good and they strive to ensure that they provide a positive impact on all pupils.


The Headteacher and Governing Body have a shared vision for the school and have high aspirations for all pupils. The Chair of Governors is tenacious and has improved the effectiveness of the governing body so that all governors now play an active part in monitoring and challenging school leaders.


Parental satisfaction with the school is high and the school works hard to ensure that all opportunities for involving parents in the life of the school are taken.


May I take this opportunity to thank all staff, governors and pupils for all the hard work that has led to this decision, and also acknowledge the positive and collaborative attitude of all those involved that has been key to this success.


We will of course continue to support the school with LA Adviser visits in the future and look forward to seeing continued progress.'



HMI Remote visit November 2020

HMI monitoring visit July 2019

"Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection in order for the school to become good."

School leaflet and priorities - 2020-21

HMI Monitoring Visit - 25th January 2018

HMI Monitoring Visit - 10th June 2016

Ofsted Inspection - December 2015

Inspectors concluded that St Paul’s Primary School ‘Requires Improvement’.

The leadership and staff of St Paul's have been working hard to improve all aspects of the school to get back to Good and beyond. The current school development plan has the  following priorities

  • Improved monitoring of provision especially for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Ensuring that all children, particularly the more able, are stretched appropriately.
  • Ensuring that the standard of work produced by all children is the best it can be.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Report December 2017

Performance Data

You can use performance tables (sometimes known as league tables) to compare schools  in your area.

Note: The Government has announced that no data will be published for 2020. Therefore, these tables are the most recent available.

School data 2018-19

School data 2017-18