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St Pauls CE Primary School

Squirrel Class

Spring Term

Our big question for the Spring term was “What do Christians mean when they talk about the Kingdom of God?”
We have thought about what the word “kingdom” means and what makes a good king. Then we explored why people refer to Jesus as a “king”, for example on Palm Sunday. We learnt why the Jewish people of Israel chose palm leaves to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem. We thought about why Jesus told Pontius Pilate that his kingdom was “not of this world”.

Autumn Term


What difference did Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus make to Christians?


We found out that after Paul converted to Christianity he took the message of Jesus around the world. We listened to and told the story of a man called Saul who had an incredible experience and the difference it made to his life- and that his name changed to Paul. We know that this is the man our school is named for. We learnt that Christians read Paul's letters and this helps to guide their way of life. And we found out how Christians believe that the Holy Spirit can help them to make changes in their lives.

We have visits from CSOC (church schools of Cambridge) who come and share a story linked to our topic and we can do creative responses

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