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About the Governing Body

The Governing Body works closely with the Headteacher in the management of the school. We are the strategic leaders of the school with an important role to play in ensuring every child gets the best possible education. Governing bodies have a statutory role and responsibility to raise academic achievement and promote pupil welfare. Meet our governors below.

Our Vision


  • Recognise and encourage excellence in every part of school life. We have a great staff team and facilities, a sound budget and engaged supportive parents, everything needed to provide an excellent education for our children. We want to see the school build on those foundations and continuously improve.
  • Communicate effectively between parents, staff, children and governors. Make known all the great things that are being done and identify areas that can be improved.
  • Support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team, providing insights from a different point of view to help the school leadership to focus on the right areas for improvement. Ensure that school resources and finances are used in the best way.
  • Ensure all our children achieve their full potential. Our focus should always be on the happiness, confidence and progress of every child in the school. We want every child to make excellent progress and be well equipped for the future.


We meet at least every term with additional sub-committee meetings to discuss individual matters, such as the school curriculum and finances. The minutes of recent meetings are linked below.

Governors make regular monitoring visits, working closely with staff and external advisors to improve teaching and learning for all our children.

Governor leaflet 2020-21

We are always keen to hear from parents. You can contact the Governing Body via the Chair - by letter or email to the school office or direct to Alternatively, you can contribute your views about the school via the ParentView website.

Meet Our Governors!

Beverly Jones

Foundation (Diocese) Governor

Responsibilities: Chair of Governing Body, EYFS, Arts and Culture

Joined the Governing Body in October 2016

Beverly Jones commenced her term as a Governor, Autumn Term 2016. She moved  with her husband Derek into the St Paul’s catchment area in 1993 and has been a member of St Paul’s Church since then. Her three sons are millennials who attended St Paul’s whist she was Principal at Chesterton Community College. Since then her career has included acting as the Government lead for Education in the East of England and becoming a Director of Parkside Federation Academies, leading the improvement at Coleridge for three years. She now works part time as an Education Adviser developing Culture and Arts Leaders for Schools and Academies, supporting Headteachers as well as working as a Director of

Alex Smith 

Associate governor

Responsibilities: Chair of Teaching and Learning, Activities outside the classroom

Joined the governing body in April 2020

I have a daughter in Year 5 and a son in Year 2. I have been involved for a year in the PTFA as a class rep and really enjoyed the interaction with parents and other staff. Applying to be a governor in 2020 was a natural next step. 

I have been working in the publishing industry for 25 years and have been the editor of a magazine for a large engineering institution for eight years. I co-ordinate a team of academics, journalists and commercial managers to produce engaging, technical content on the delivery of low carbon buildings. I am passionate about good design, sustainability and the effective communication of information to relevant audiences both in print and online. I am also keen on virtually all sports – particularly football and cycling – and am keen on social and architectural history and the great outdoors. I am very pleased that my role as a link governor for activities outside the classroom encompasses all these interests.


Suranga Chandratillake

Co-Opted Governor

Responsibilities: Chair of governors for Finance and Personnel, Curriculum and Quality of Education

Joined the Governing Body in 2019

My name is Suranga and I have been a governor since 2019. I have two children at St Paul's (in Year's 2 and 6) and, as a governor, I am particularly interested in the school's work on quality of education and its new, comprehensive, multi-year curriculum. I also sit on the Finance and Personnel Committee and am involved in efforts to fund raise for the school and its projects. In my day job, I am a venture capitalist, investing in technology start-ups across Europe and hope to use my network to help the school continue to build support from the strong, local technology industry in Cambridge.


I've been an active in the school's community since my eldest child started there six years ago. After Mrs Darrell, the current head, joined, I was inspired by both her vision for the school and the team she was building to deliver on it and, seeking to be more involved, joined the governing body. 



Hilary Aldred

Foundation (CSOC) Governor

Responsibilities: Safeguarding

Joined the Governing Body in 2017

Simon Jarvis

Foundation (CSOC) Governor

Responsibilities: Vice Chair of Teaching and Learning, English link governor

Joined the Governing body in July 2020

Simon lives in the parish of St Paul’s and joined the team as a Foundation Governor in July 2020. He studied for a PhD in physiology at Cambridge University which led to a research career in Canada and then the UK focussing on the development of new therapies for cancer and parasitic diseases. He later moved into university senior management where his wide-ranging responsibilities included ensuring academic excellence, teaching and learning, improving student success and the management of change. He retired from his role as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor in September 2019.

Simon believes passionately that education is about transforming lives and ensuring every pupil reaches their full potential. He looks forward to working with the governors and staff to develop and improve the school.

Nick Giesler

Associate Governor 

Responsibilities: SEND link governor

Joined the Governing body in November 2019

Bev Jones asked me to become a governor in 2019, and after various interviews and a meeting with Helen, I was delighted to join as an associate in November that year. My three children (now 18,20 and 22) are now through the school system, but all were once pupils at St Paul's, and I still live nearby.

I run my own business as an environmental consultant, working on infrastructure, mostly rail, projects in the UK, working with engineers to ensure what they build is as green as it can be. Environmental stuff has always been a passion of mine, and I am never happier than when strolling through the countryside with my binoculars. Nowadays, I have my dogs in tow: I see fewer birds, but share their enthusiasm for the big outdoors.

One of the things that drives me as a governor at St Paul's is the how we educate our children as individuals, each with a different skills and needs. My three children, each markedly different from each other, are finding out what they each have to offer the world (and what the world can offer them). Helping children discover this for themselves is what education is all about.

Andrew Blake

Associate Governor

Responsibilities: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) link Governor

Joined the Governing Body in April 2020

Professor Andrew Blake is a research scientist in Artificial Intelligence. Over his career, he has spent equal amounts of time as a researcher and teacher in universities, and in companies. In his research he has invented new ways of getting computers to see, using video cameras as eyes. He has worked with robots, autonomous cars, and applications of image processing in photography and video games. As a teacher he taught students in computer science and in engineering. More recently he has directed three research institutions, including Microsoft Research, the Turing Institute and Samsung AI, setting up the last two from scratch.

He is currently chair of the Computer Science subject committee of the Royal Society – the UK’s national academy of science. He is particularly interested in STEM subjects, and recently joined the Royal Society’s review of maths teaching in schools.


Sarah Abrey

Staff Governor

Responsibilities: Governor Training

Joined the Governing Body in October 2018

After beginning my job in September 2018 as a class teacher at St Paul's the request went out for a staff governor. I was interested in joining this role to gain more experience and understanding in the background, but key, role the governing body takes. I am glad to bring a staff voice to the governing body to help link between staff and governors.

I am Cambridge born and bred. I attended Milton Road Primary and Chesterton Secondary, before moving to Hills Road Sixth Form College. After this, I moved to the south coast for a 3 year Primary Education and QTS degree with a specialism in French. Upon graduating, I returned home and have been teaching since 2015. The 3 years prior to joining St Pauls I taught Y5 and Y1 at Stapleford Community Primary school. I saw a wonderful opportunity to join the team at St Paul's in 2018 and as I love working in smaller schools where I feel part of a tight team and community I was delighted to be given this opportunity. This coincided with me moving out of my family home and into my own place in Cambridge which I share with my other half and our dog Biscuit, she is a wonderful reason to enjoy our wonderful city some more! Aside from teaching I am a passionate Harry Potter fan and enjoy baking - of which many end up in the staffroom!

Helen Darrell


Joined the Governing Body in January 2019

I have been Headteacher at St. Paul's Primary School since January 2019.

I have been a teacher for the past 25 years, having taught in the midlands, London and a variety of schools in Cambridgeshire. Having grown up in Cornwall and being a Guide leader, I love the outdoors, cooking on an open fire is always a great joy. I have 2 children at secondary school and 2 older stepdaughters in their twenties and love to bake for the family.


Russell Re Manning

Parent Governor

Responsibilities: Pupil Welfare and wellbeing

Joined the Governing Body in September 2017

I became a Parent Governor in 2017 and now have two children at St Paul's. I served as Chair of Governors in 2018 and 2019.

I am a Reader in Religions, Philosophies, and Ethics at Bath Spa University in beautiful North East Somerset. My teaching and research focuses on issues in the philosophy of religion and Christian theology. I enjoy spending time at our allotment, reading, and walking far and wide.

Tom Auld

Associate Governor

Responsibilities: Vice Chair of Finance and Personnel, income generation

Joined the Governing Body in April 2020

I have two children currently at St Paul's and one who has now moved on to Parkside.

A Mathematician and Physicist by training, I have led quantitative trading groups both in London and Singapore. Currently I am enrolled in my second PhD studying the relationships between political betting and financial markets whilst also running a commercial property business, teaching and doing the odd consulting project. I split my time between work, 3 children, 4 cats, karate, yoga and since lockdown, open water swimming.


Liam Kelly

Associate Governor

Joined the Governing Body in January 2020

I took on the role of Associate Governor when my son entered Year 2 at St. Paul's. I now have two children attending the school and will form part of the finance and personnel committee.

During the work week I am a financial analyst for an asset management company based in London. I spend most of my time working on risk management solutions for pension clients, although have had experience as part of other co-operative committees based in Cambridge. I hope to be able to use my mathematical background to aid the school over the coming years.

Ginny Weston

Foundation (CSOC) Governor

Responsibilities: SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

Joined the Governing Body in July 2020

I was delighted to be appointed as a Foundation Governor (Church Schools of Cambridge) in July 2020. I am the mother of two children. My son and his wife live in New Zealand and my daughter lives in Bristol. My husband teaches in a theological college in Cambridge.

Over my working life I have had various occupations; my last post was as a Chaplain at Addenbrookes Hospital. As Chaplains we were tasked with providing Spiritual Care for all and Religious Care for some. Prior to this I was Chaplain to People at Work in Cambridge. As a ‘listening ear’ I supported people with personal and work-related issues and I attended a range of Business and Community meetings – including the East of England Faiths’ Council and the Diocesan Board of Social Responsibility.

My qualifications include a degree in Chemistry and a degree in Theology, a Foundation Course in Marital and Couples Counselling and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

I have taught Religious Studies and Chemistry in secondary schools in Cambridge and in London. In 1987 I was ordained a deacon in the Church of England and I served my curacy in South London. In 2002 I was ordained a priest in Ely Cathedral.

A common thread in my various occupations has been a desire to see people of all ages fulfil their God-given potential and be alongside people as they tackle various challenges and embrace life’s opportunities.

As a Foundation Governor I have special responsibility for ensuring that the school’s commitment to human flourishing is set in the context of the Church of England’s Vision for Education. This is a vision which embraces the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of children and young people. It is also a vision which includes the common good of the whole human community and its environment, whether national, regional or local.

Michael Becket

Foundation Governor (Vicar at St Pauls Church)

Responsibilities: Staff Wellbeing

Eleanor Carne

Foundation (CSOC) Governor

Responsibilities: SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

Joined the Governing Body in 2016

Katie Barron

Foundation (Diocese) Governor

Responsibilities: SEND

Joined the Governing Body in July 2020

Katie Barron has a child at St Paul's. She brings experience as a single mum and special needs professional. She is one of two link governors for special needs and the link governor for History & Geography. She is also a foundation governor, helping to nurture the ethos and values of the school.

Kate Sharkie

Vice Chair of Governors

Foundation (Diocese) Governor

Joined the Governing Body in July 2020

Sharon Geva

Parent Governor 

Joined the Governing Body in November 2020

I have a son in Year 2 and a daughter in Reception. In the past two years, I have got to know the school community, and was inspired by the diversity of backgrounds, professions, and interests among the children's parents. I’m particularly interested in issues related to diversity and inclusion in school day-to-day activities.


I am a neuroscientist, interested in language and memory. I worked with adults and children for many years, studying literacy, language development, and language disorders. Both personally and professionally I have a deep interest in child development and education.