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Maths in Reception

Maths in Reception

At school we have a whole class maths session everyday where we teach new concepts, demonstrate different resources and equipment and share the different challenges for the day or week with the children. Sometimes we work in small groups and at other times we work and play with children one to one. We strive to create opportunities for learning in maths throughout our classroom and garden. The key is to spot those moments when we can move on the children's understanding of mathematical concepts and skills.


There are lots of ways that you can support your child at home in their learning and this can so often be part of everyday life- in fact, learning in maths is really meaningful for young children when they see it is all around them and when it is really useful!


There is lots of maths in the kitchen...

Cooking involves weighing, measuring and capacity. Talk about the different sizes and amounts of what you are using to cook with.

Setting the table or unloading a dishwasher involves sorting and counting.

Talk about the different sizes of plates, glasses or cups. Which glass holds more juice?


When you are washing clothes or putting things away, how can you sort all the different things? Can you put socks into pairs? Compare the different sizes.


Tidying up can really extend children's sorting skills and it's also a  great opportunity for counting. You could also talk about how long it takes, or how quickly can you get it done.


Introduce your child to learning about time by talking about the days of the week or when their birthday is. You can talk about a special event or visit and how long they have to wait. Talk about different times of the day or the order that we do things in.

Playing with water in the bath or at a sink or tub outside is a great way to explore and develop you child's understanding of capacity. Keep different sizes of plastic bottles or jugs to play with. 
Below are some links to help support your child and hopefully have fun at the same time!
Singing and reciting rhymes is very powerful for young children and all the old favourites (and some new ones) are here...

Counting songs and rhymes from the BBC

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