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Robin Class

Autumn 2022

Our big question is, 'Why is belonging to God and the church family important to Christians?'

We began by thinking about starting school and how it felt to be new. We shared lots of stories and talked about the things we do to welcome each other and what it feels like to belong.

We found out that some people are part of a church 'family' or community who might welcome a baby in a special way, and that this is called a baptism or a christening. We looked at pictures and a video of this happening and were then very excited to welcome Revd Dr Michael Volland in to show us what he would do if he was baptising a baby.


We found out about how people might celebrate this special day and talked together about special days in our own families.


Spring Term


Our Big Question this first half term has been 'Why do Christians trust God and follow him?'


We made a trust tree as we thought about the people we trust. We also thought about why we trusted them; what do we notice about the people we trust? Why do we listen to them? We also thought about why we wouldn't trust someone.


We found out that Jesus gathered some close friends around him- and that we call these people his disciples. We listened to stories about Jesus which helped us to understand why they trusted him and wanted to follow him- even when they had to give things up to do it!


We then used small world resources to create scenes from our favourite stories. Here is a photo of people gathering around to eat food after Jesus shared out some fish and loaves of bread which a little boy gave him to feed 5000 people!

We have had some storytelling with Victoria from CSOC this term. She came to tell us a story about Jesus as we start Lent. The children then used some creative resources to respond.