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St Pauls CE Primary School

Robin Class

Autumn Term

Our big question is, 'Why is belonging to God and the church family important to Christians?'

We began by thinking about starting school and how it felt to be new. We shared lots of stories and talked about the things we do to welcome each other and what it feels like to belong.

We found out that some people are part of a church 'family' or community who might welcome a baby in a special way, and that this is called a baptism or a christening. We looked at pictures and a video of this happening and were then very excited to welcome Revd Dr Michael Volland in to show us what he would do if he was baptising a baby.


We found out about how people might celebrate this special day and talked together about special days in our own families.


Spring Term


Our Big Question this first half term has been 'How can we care for our wonderful world?'


We thought about all of the different plants and animals we knew about, and we talked about the different places we have been too. We then looked in books, used the internet and watched some clips about animals that live in different countries and environments. We couldn't believe how many there were!


We thought about what would happen if people don't look after plants and animals and decided to make a difference at school. We found out about the Big Schools Bird Watch and wanted to feed the birds around our school. We used lots of different things from our recycling box and made a mixture that birds would like to eat. We hung the birdfeeders in our garden and waited.


It was very exciting to see birds eating from them!


We explored the story of creation in the Bible and used small world figures to tell the story ourselves.

We have had some storytelling with Victoria from CSOC this term. She came to tell us a story about Jesus as we start Lent. The children then used some creative resources to respond.

Victoria came back to share the Easter story with us at the end of term.

Summer Term 


Our big question this term is 'What makes every single person precious and unique?'


We have been thinking about all the things people do to look after something precious. We looked at pictures of our teachers as babies and talked about how we take care of babies- we took care of the dolls in our classroom.

We shared the story Jesus told about a lost coin. We had a coin hunt in our classroom but got very upset when there was one coin missing! When we eventually found it, we understood why the woman in the story was so happy when she found her coin that she threw a party.

We found out in the Bible that children loved to listen to Jesus' stories and that one day when some children ran up to Jesus to hear a story, his friends told the children to leave Jesus alone. This made Jesus upset so he told them to let the children come and listen to him. We told the story using small world figures and acted it out together too. This story helped us to understand that the Bible tells us children are important to Jesus and that Christians can learn about how precious they are to God through the life of Jesus.


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