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St Pauls CE Primary School

St Paul's Curriculum Offer



At St Paul’s CE (VA) Primary School, we follow a 1-year programme this ensures that the children's skills are progressing each year.


Each term or half-term, every class's learning will be built around a theme, which is usually based on the history or geography topic. Many subjects will be linked to this theme (for example, Year 3 children studying the Stone Age in history lessons might have Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age as their class text in English, whilst also learning about cave paintings in art lessons). This will help the children to put their learning into a variety of contexts, in order to better understand it as a whole.


Reception Class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Please speak to your child's class teacher if you require further information regarding the curriculum for your child's year group. Topic overviews will be saved on each class page once a term.

St. Paul's Curriculum Offer 2022-23

Mixed year group classes

Characteristics of a St. Paul's Learner

The characteristics of a St. Paul's Learner describe the behaviours children use in order to learn. To learn well, children must approach opportunities with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm. Effective learning must be meaningful to a child, so that they are able to use what they have learned and apply it in new situations. These abilities and attitudes of strong learners will support them to learn well and make good progress in all areas of the curriculum.


St. Paul’s Learners…


Work together

Make connections

Are curious

Share learning

Are resilient

Take risks

Listen well

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