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St Pauls CE Primary School

Otter Class

Autumn Term- How do Christians show their belief that Jesus is God incarnate?


We found out that Christians believe Jesus was God incarnate- both human and divine and the second person of the Holy Trinity. We explored the Bible to find how it tells Christians about this special relationship. We looked at how Jesus' divinity is recognised in different ways such as in buildings.


What is the greatest significance of the Eucharist for Christians?


We explored and compared the different Gospel writers accounts of the Last Supper. We found out about what the Holy Communion service or Eucharist means to Christians. We investigated the way in which Christians may give thanks and why this is important in their lives. We reflected on ways in which we may feel thankful and how this can be shown.


We found out that the Eucharist is a reminder of Jesus' life and sacrifice and of God's love and forgiveness for all.



Spring Term


Our big question has been....


'What is the significance of the resurrection for Christians?' 


We learned about how Christians find a lot of hope in the promise of the resurrection because it means that there is life after death. We also talked about how seeing resurrections changed people - Mary and Martha's disappointment turned into joy, while Peter's doubt and denial turned into courage. 

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