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St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School

School Logo

St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School


Who's Who


Mrs Helen Darrell (Designated Person for Child Protection)


Senior Leadership Team:

Miss Stefanie Florczyk, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Paula Ray, Inclusion Leader/SENCo, Early Years Leader (Designated Person for Child Protection)


Class Teachers:

EYFS: Mrs Rachel Volland

Year 1: Miss Sarah Abrey

Year 2: Mr Matt Smart 

Year 3: Miss Kathryn-Anne Frazer and Dr Alessandra Lombardi

Year 4: Mrs Catherine Towler-Brown and Mrs Mary Kimberley

Year 5: Miss Stefanie Florczyk and Mrs Sarah Day

Year 6: Miss Tracy Wolfe


PPA Staff:

Dr Alessandra Lombardi

Mrs Charlotte Mezits

Mrs Mary Kimberley


Site Manager: Mr Colin Jackson

School Secretary: Miss Hannah Grief

Finance Manager: Mrs Corina Bernal


Teaching Assistants & Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Veronika Kiss

Mrs Sharon Brown

Miss Alicia Bruce

Miss Mila Carreras Coves

Mrs Jeannette Jephson

Miss Irina Savulescu

Mrs Tracy Roberts-Young

Mrs Harriet Young


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Inci Longmore

Mr Freddie Wellings - Longmore

Mr Jonny Walter


After School Club:

Manager: Miss Shirlene Flowers (Designated Person for Child Protection)

Deputy Manager: Mrs Jeannette Jephson

Deputy Manager: Mrs Sharon Brown