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St Pauls CE Primary School

Rabbit Class

Our big question in this Spring term Christianity unit  is: Is the cross a symbol of love?


We explored the concept of 'salvation'. We looked at this painting by Mauricio Palacio to help us to think and talk about it. We noticed how the people in the painting were behaving very differently from each other depending on whether they were in the water or sitting on the platform. 

Our big question this Autumn term is:


How do Christians show that ‘reconciliation’ with God and other people is important?


We discussed how we can repair broken friendships and what a 'peacemaker' is.

We looked at pictures of paintings and sculptures showing reconciliation. 

We listened to, role played and discussed the parable of The Lost Son and thought about what Christians learn from it and wondered if we could all learn something from it.

We also considered the question: What do some Christians do in response to Jesus’ call to be peacemakers? We learned a little about Archbishop Desomond Tutu and his beliefs.

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