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Otters - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class teachers: Miss Stefanie Florczyk (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Sarah Day (Thursday and Friday)


Spelling and Homework.

We are keen enable the children to continue their learning at home in 4 different ways:

1) Pick and mix homework - the new grid for after half term is below.  We have three hand in dates before Christmas.  Some of the options are short and some are much longer.

2) Spellings - we will have spelling tests each fortnight.  The spelling words are all on a theme which we look at together in class.  They get harder through the list. If it seems tricky then please concentrate on spellings 1-5.  The children get some marks for getting the focus of the words correct.  Eg 1/2 a mark for 'ture' even if the rest of 'signature' isn't correct.

3) Reading records - please hand in reading records every Monday.  

4) Mathletics - we have a school subscription to mathletics.  All year 5 children have activities for them which will complement their learning in school.

Recommended books (age appropriate)

List of words we are currently working on in Y5 (and most children will be expected to spell correctly by the end of Y6)