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Remembrance Day

The poppy is used to help us remember something that happened over a hundred years ago. Many brave people from our country had to go and fight in the First World War, mainly in Europe, but also further afield. The conflict went on for four long years. Many soldiers died and didn’t come home.

Their families and friends were very sad. Everyone was sad because these brave soldiers had been fighting for the good of the country. They wanted to think of a way to show the families who had lost loved ones that the nation was thinking about them and remembering, too.

It was decided that there would be a special day every year for remembering and praying. The date chosen was 11 November, because this was the day in 1918 when the special agreement to end the First World War - called an armistice - was signed. For many years, the day was known as Armistice Day, but it was later renamed as Remembrance Day.


It was also decided that everyone should wear a red poppy on that day. This was because thousands of red poppies had sprung up on the battlefields where many soldiers lost their lives during the First World War.

We also remember the brave men and women all around the world during WW2 and since then, right up until today.
Wearing a poppy means we are remembering together.

If you like you can pray this prayer,


Dear God,

Thank you for all the courage shown by men, women and children in wartime.

We pray that you help everyone to live peacefully together, in this country and around the world.


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