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Summer Activity

To support your child in making the best possible start to school in September I wonder if you might like to take part in a simple activity. As a way of helping me get to know your child, what they enjoy and any worries they may have, you could have a go at some of the questions below.


You can jot down what your child says, they could draw a picture or you could take a photo- however you want to respond is fine! The questions are saved at the bottom as a pdf if this is easier for you. You can bring it along to your family meeting at the start of term or please email to


As we start school in September we can share our responses with each other as we make new friends. 


I've answered the questions too to help you get to know me! And at the bottom of this page there is a pdf of some creative activities you can try if you'd like.



Can you tell me about your family?


I have 3 children who are all bigger than me now! Two of my children went to St Paul's school, just like you.

Can you tell me about something that you love to do?


I love to go to the beach with my family. I don't mind if it's cold or windy. In fact I often prefer it that way! My favourite beach is in Northumberland.

Can you tell me about something you are good at?


I often make pizza on a Saturday evening so I'm quite good at that by now. 



Can you tell me about something you want to learn about or be able to do?


I would love to learn a new language.



Is there anything you find really tricky?


I have tried many times to knit something but I always seem to get stuck.



What are you looking forward to doing at school?


I'm looking forward to meeting you and showing you all the wonderful things we get to do at school.