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St Pauls CE Primary School

Hedgehog Class

Our big question in the second half of the Autumn term was:

When Christians need real wisdom where do they look for it?


We started off this unit by looking at some clues on the board:

Large eyes • Fly at night • Said to be wise • Deliver letters in Harry Potter • Wings • Hoots • Produce pellets • Appear in Legends of the Guardians • Appears in Winnie the Pooh • Went to sea with a pussycat

We soon worked out that our clues related to an owl. We then discussed what the word 'wisdom' meant and how we can recognise a 'wise choice'. We learnt that when Solomon became king, he was very unsure about following his father’s footsteps. His father, David, had been so well respected and a deeply Godly man. Solomon longed for God’s help and then one night God spoke to him in a dream offering him a gift. We discussed what gift we  would choose.

Following on from this we looked at proverbs and what wisdom they offer us.

Our big question in the first half of the Autumn term was:

How do Christians try to capture the mystery of God as Trinity?



We discussed what a mystery is and defined it and then made a mobius strip linking it to how this can be a mystery. We then went on to think about the mysteries there are in the world and how Christians use analogies to help them explain the mystery of God. We discussed how God is described as a class. Linking to our work on mysteries, we looked at the Trinity - recalling learning from Year 3. Whilst doing this, we looked at the sculpture: Trinity sculpture by Annie Henry. 

Later, we thought about why the story of Jesus’ baptism is important in thinking about the Trinity. We created our own art work based on this.

Finally, we thought about what an icon is and learnt that St Paul thought that an icon is intended to be a window into heaven, a teaching tool, something which pulls away the mud and we looked at Rublev's icon.


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