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St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School

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St Pauls C of E (VA) Primary School


School tour

Whilst we can't show you around our school at the moment we have added a few pictures so that you can share them with your child as you talk with them about starting school. 

The Reception Classroom

The classroom is set out with different areas of learning which the children are able to access independently. We take a 'learning walk' with the children each morning so we can share the new challenges for the day.

In the morning we hang our coats in the cloakroom

Our book corner

In Reception we love books! Much of our learning is based on books, we have time for independent reading every morning and share stories with the children during the day.  Books are available throughout the classroom and garden to support and inspire learning. We like to keep this corner as a quiet space for reading and sharing stories.

The tree house

We learn outside as much as possible. We love our tree house. It has become many different things over the two years since it was built!

There are lots of opportunities for learning outside

We love growing things in our garden, especially when we get to eat them like these strawberries!

Our carpet spaces....

Each day we have literacy, maths and phonics whole class teaching sessions. We can then work in small groups and sometimes one to one. Our teaching and learning is based in play and responsive to the children's individual next steps. Being together as a whole class is also a lovely opportunity to get to know each other.

Mrs Jephson, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Volland, Class Teacher

We are very much looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to St Paul's!