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Admissions policy for school year 2018/19

1. Introduction 
We are a Church of England School founded to serve the local community. Our purpose is to provide quality education in partnership with parents and with the Church. 

2. Admission procedure for the Reception Class 
Applications must be for children who will have their 5th birthday during the Reception year. Children will not be admitted outside their date of birth year natural group unless an exceptional need has been identified. The school has a catchment area, but also welcomes applicants from a wider area. Information about the catchment area is available from the school. All parents are advised to read the Local Authority (LA) First Steps – Admission to primary school: a guide for parents booklet on primary admissions carefully. Parents wishing to visit the school are welcome to do so. Visits are not interviews and do not affect any decisions regarding the availability of a place. 

By Law, provided you have made an application, you will be offered a place for your child for the Reception Year from the September following their 4th birthday. On receipt of the offer of a school place you can choose to take up this place immediately, take up this place on a part time basis until the beginning of the term after their 5th birthday, or defer your child’s admission to the school until the beginning of the term after their 5th birthday but not beyond the beginning of the final term of the school year for which the application was made. This means, if your child is a summer born they will need to start school in April 2019 to keep the place at the school offered. If your child does not start school in April 2019 you will need to apply in June 2019 for a Year 1 place with no guarantee of the same school being offered. Parents may discuss the admission of their child with the school following the receipt of the offer letter. 

The application process for entry into the Reception Class is co-ordinated by Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA), which acts on behalf of the Governing Body to offer places at the school. Parents should complete a Cambridgeshire Application Form, available from the school or from the LA Admissions Team, by the National Closing Date of 15th January 2018 and submit this to the Cambridgeshire Local Authority. Parents applying on religious grounds must also submit to the school a St Paul’s Supplementary Information Form (see 3b) by the National Closing Date. Offer letters will be issued by the LA on the agreed Offer Date in April. Late applications (those submitted after the National Closing date and 31st August 2018) will be handled by the Admissions Team. Details of the deadline and offer date can be found in the LA’s First Steps – Admission to primary school: a guide for parents booklet or by contacting the school or the LA Admissions Team. 

For Admission into the Reception Class in September 2018, the LA, on behalf of the Governing Body, will offer places to 30 children. This is the Published Admission Number for that year group. In the event that there are more than 30 applicants for places in the Reception Class, places will be offered in the following order until all places are filled. All preferences are treated equally. Children who have a 
statement of special educational needs that names the school will be admitted. NB. Those children with a statement of special educational needs that does not name the school will be referred to Student Assessment to determine an appropriate place.


3. Oversubscription criteria for the Reception Class 

1 Children in care: those who are a 'looked after child' or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order. 
2 Children normally living in the catchment area, who have a sibling attending St Paul’s at the time of admission. 
3 Children normally living2 in the catchment3 area. Places will be offered in this category until either a total of 27 places have been taken by children with statements of Special Educational Need or in accordance with criteria 3.1 to 3.3 or when all applicants in this category have received an offer. 
4 Children applying for a Church place. (NB: A Supplementary Information Form must be submitted) Up to three Church places will be offered to children of families who specifically wish their children to be educated at a Church of England school. Parents applying on religious grounds must also submit a St Paul’s Supplementary Information Form by the National Closing Date. These places will be prioritised in the following order:


i) at the heart of their church ii) attached to their church iii) known to their church. 
Within these categories applicants will be prioritised as follows:


(a) St Paul's Church; the Parish Church. 
(b) St Barnabas' Church; the daughter church of St Paul's and also within the school catchment area. 
(c) other Church of England Churches. 
(d) other Christian Churches.


5 Other children normally living in the catchment area (and not included in 3.3). 
6 Children not living2 within the catchment area who have a sibling4 at St Paul's at the time of admission. 
7 Children applying for a Church place (and not already offered a place in 3.4). 
8 Any remaining applicants. 

3b. Priority, Definitions and Eligibility Priority 
1. Where there is a need to prioritise within a category, children living nearest to the school, will be given priority. 
2. all Church place applications with a completed Supplementary Information Form (SIF) submitted by the National Closing Date in January will be given priority over those SIFs submitted later Definitions: 
For families who live outside the area covered by the Cambridgeshire mapping system, distances are determined using a combination of local maps and on-line resources. 
Eligibility Evidence of eligibility in any of the categories may be required. In particular, evidence of residency may be sought. Applications based on future addresses can only be considered upon confirmation of tenancy or exchange of contracts. The condition of residency also applies on the first day the child is due to attend the school. 
NB. All parents wishing to apply for a church place must also submit a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) showing evidence of Christian commitment and practice confirmed by a church leader. These must be returned to the School by the National Closing Date or, for mid-phase applications, at the same time as the application for is submitted. 

4. Informing parents of the decision 
Offer letters will be issued by the Local Authority on the National Primary Offer Date in 2018. Parents not accepting a place will be asked to reply to this letter by a specific date. Any places available by this date will be offered to the next applicant in the order of priority given in Section 3. 
When an application is refused, the child’s details are automatically placed on a reserve list for the Reception year group. Parents may appeal against the decision. 
Once an offer of a place has been made and accepted, it may only be withdrawn in very limited circumstances. This may include the offer being made on the basis of fraudulent information being supplied by the parent, such as a false claim to one of the specified criteria. 

5. Applications for admission at other times (mid-phase) 
To apply for a place after the start of the school year, or for any other year group, please contact the LA Admissions Team for an application form by contacting the In-Year Admissions Team on 0345 045 1370 or by email to 
The application form must be returned to the LA Admissions Team who will then contact your preferred schools to determine the availability of a school place. The LA Admissions Team will then write to you to confirm the details of the school at which a place is to be offered and, where appropriate, a suitable start date. Where the Admissions Team is unable to meet any preferences expressed a place will be offered at the next nearest alternative school with places available. 

6. The Reserve List 
If an application to attend St Paul’s is unsuccessful, the child’s name will be placed on the Reserve list, ranked according to the oversubscription criteria. A new request from another parent for a child’s name to be placed on the list can result in other children being moved further down the list if this child has higher priority for a place in line with the school’s admissions criteria. For the Reception Class, as part of the co-ordinated scheme for primary admissions, the LA Admissions Team holds the initial Reserve list on behalf of the Governing Body until the end of the autumn term in the initial year of intake. 
If the LA is to continue with in-year admissions, the LA will hold the reserve list for completeness, not the school. Where an in-year application is received, the child’s details will be held on a reserve list by the LA Admissions Team on behalf of the Governing body for a minimum of one term following the term of application. 

7. Appeals 
Parents who are dissatisfied with the admission decision should appeal in writing to the Clerk of the Governing Body. The Governing Body will first ensure that the admissions procedures have been 
correctly followed. The Clerk will then arrange for the Local Authority Admission Team to set up an appeal hearing by an independent Appeals Panel. The panel consists of three people who are 
independent of the school and Local Authority. The Governing Body and parents must abide by the decision it makes.