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At St Paul's CofE Primary School we are fully committed to Inclusion. Our priority is for all pupils to be fully involved in every aspect of school life, including lessons, activities, trips, experiences and after school clubs. We have high aspirations for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and want them to become independent, engaged learners who have high self-esteem. We work closely with families and outside agencies to ensure our provision best meets the needs of individual children.


Feedback from some of our families of children with Special Educational Needs highlights our commitment to supporting children with high quality provision:


"My daughter joined St. Paul’s school at the beginning of Year One. Having attended a different setting for her Reception year, my expectations were all ready set where support for her additional needs was concerned. After her first few weeks at St. Paul’s, I was blown away by the support she was receiving, and has continued. With both her special needs, there has been constant attention, whether that be regular speech therapy session, that have been consistently followed up in the classroom or in the modification of the playground and classrooms, to aid her visually. The persistence in that Mrs Ray has worked to advocate for my daughter has made me feel so reassured that she is get the very best support. Ever since my daughter was first diagnosed, I have had concerns that it will hold her back with her education, but with the continued SEND support from the school, I feel that is not something that I need to worry about."


"We have been lucky at St Paul's to have a dedicated coordinator for children with any kind of extra need. She has always been available to discuss issues with me in a friendly way and liaise with the class teacher and with agencies from outside the school."


'From the moment I first visited St Pauls (before my son was in reception) I was impressed by how welcoming everyone was, and how the attitude from all staff was how can we make this work for your son and your family, and what do we need to do in order to enable him to access the curriculum.  The Special Needs coordinator ('Senco') worked with us to arrange both the timetable and the space to allow my son to learn alongside his peers, and his peers accept my son as an equal member of the class, albeit one who has a few quirks now and again, but no more so than the rest of them."


"Once my daughter's dyslexia was identified, the teachers at St Paul's had a wealth of strategies to help her and her reading was turned around. She reads for pleasure now and feels confident in her spelling."


"We decided that my son would benefit from an EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan). The school helped with the application and the EHCP has made a big difference, paying for extra 1-1 support."


As these families and many more have experienced, St Paul's is a warm and nurturing school for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and I invite you to contact me to talk through your own child's needs and explore the provision that could be available to your child at St Paul's.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Paula Ray

Inclusion Manager


Contact details:

Telephone number: Via the School Office on (01223) 568840



Listed below are the key documents relating to how St Paul's CofE Primary School support children with a range of Special Educational Needs.



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